Stem cells are safely protected at Vita 34″

Protect your child's stem cells

The safest way

Vita 34 is the most experienced provider in the North and the German-speaking countries. You can feel safe leaving the storage of your child’s stem cells with us. We have developed reliable processes and safe materials for storage, so that the stem cells will be available to your child in top quality even after years of storage.

Why should I store stem cells with Vita 34?

  • 215,000stem cell deposits

    More than 215,000 stem cell deposits have been cryo-preserved with Vita 34. The cells remain young and viable at freezing conditions.

  • 37applications

    Stem cells stored with Vita 34 have been applied in medical therapies 37 times already.

  • 10world-beating stem cell banks

    Vita 34 ranks among the ten most influential and innovative stem cell banks worldwide.

This is how the storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue works

Step 1

When you have made the decision to protect your child's stem cells, you need to order a Collection Kit from Vita 34. You will receive the kit by postal delivery a few days after ordering. The Collection Kit contains everything our midwife needs to collect your child's valuable and unique stem cells at the birth.

You also need to choose whether to collect and store stem cells from the blood only or from both blood and cord tissue.

Order the Vita 34 Collection kit
Birth and collection

Step 2

As soon as your baby has been born, our midwife will collect the stem cells from the umbilical cord. The collection is completely safe, uncomplicated and painless for mother and child. you might not even notice that our midwife performs the collection.

After the collection our midwife will arrange the safe transport of your child's stem cells to our laboratory in Leipzig, Germany.

Step 3

At the laboratory, the courier hands over the package containing the umbilical cord blood and tissue to Vita 34. Initial checks for external intactness, completeness of enclosed documents, and temperature recording during transport are conducted. All work steps are documented in detail.

Acceptance at our laboratory
Preparation for processing

Step 4

The umbilical cord blood and tissue are prepared for processing in the laboratory clean-room . All information on mother, child, and stem cell collection is recorded, including name, time and place of birth. Every collection is assigned a unique ID-number which enables the clear identification of test results belonging to your child's stem cells.

Step 5

The clean room can be entered through airlocks only. Blood and tissue are prepared for the cryo-preservation under sterile conditions. During processing the blood is transferred into cold-resistant storage bags and a special liquid is added to protect the cells during freezing, so that the cells maintain their viability even at the lowest temperatures.

Process in the clean-room
Freezing process

Step 6

The stem cells are frozen with liquid nitrogen in a controlled rate freezing program. In the freeze-device they reach a temperature of minus 145 degrees celsius. Finally the stem cell collection is placed in a cryo-tank, which is filled with liquid nitrogen, and stored at approximately minus 180 degrees celsius.

Step 7

Each tank in the cryo-tank storeroom is temperature-controlled and operated grid-independently. The frozen umbilical cord blood and tissue can be prepared quickly and provided for a possible application.

Cell culture and hematology

Step 8

Finally, the number of nucleated cells is obtained from the blood sample. A possible virus infection or bacterial contamination is determined and the blood group of the child is typed.

How to protect your child's stem cells

Some steps are necessary before, during, and after the birth until the stem cell deposit of your child is stored safely in the Vita 34 cryo-tanks.

Before the birth

  • Free advice by our stem cell experts. Call +45 7025 7121 or e-mail
  • Ask us anything regarding collection and storage of cord blood and cord tissue via telephone, e-mail or by our webpage.
  • Order the Vita 34 Collection Kit at our webpage or by calling our customer service.
  • When you receive the Collection Kit you need to register online at Mit.Vita34.
  • You will also be asked to fill in some legal forms from both the Collection Kit and online at Mit.Vita34.
  • You will receive a call from one of our midwifes some time before the delivery date, explaining important information on how and when to get in touch with our Hotline. She will also explain the procedure during birth and collection.
  • Remeber to bring the Collection Kit to your place of birth.

During the birth

  • When the birth begins, you need to call our Hotline  at +45 70 22 91 91. The midwife on call will ask a few questions and inform you when to call us next.
  • Remeber to bring the Collection Kit to your place of birth.
  • Our midwifes are ready around the clock and will leave for your place of birth when the delivery is near.
  • The collection is easily performed by our midwife right after the birth –  and is completely safe and painless for mother and child.

After the birth

  • After the collection is completed, our midwife prepares the Collection Kit for transport.
  • Vita 34 Hotline then arranges the transport to our  laboratory in Leipzig, Germany.
  • The processing of the stem cells is begun right after arrival. This ensures the highest degree of safety and quality.
  • The cord blood, and cord tissue id chosen, is frozen right after processing.
  • During the process, you will receive e-mails from our Customer service with information on the important steps.
  • You will be asked to fill in our legally required customer forms and order long-term storage online at Mit.Vita34.
  • Finally, you will receive an e-mail stating the test results, confirming long-term storage and a Certificate of Storage.
  • You can always see the filled in forms and your customer data online at Mit.Vita34. Here you can also change your address and other contact information.