It all in English - FAQ and much more

Who is ’Save Stem Cell Center’?

Save Stem Cell Center is a partner to the German Stem Cell Bank Vita 34 AG. Vita 34 AG is actually one of the largest and most experienced cord blood banks in Europe with collaborations all around the world.

Save Stem Cell Center took over the activities in Denmark and Norway in October 2018 from Vita 34 ApS.

Save Stem Cell Center have roots back to where private cord blood banking became an option in Denmark (CopyGen/StemCare). Many collectors, advisors, and staff from service and procurement have been working in this field for the mentioned companies for many years and therefore we have the greatest experience in the market regarding all the aspects round collection and storing stem cells.

Our office is placed in Gentofte (just outside Copenhagen) but we do operate everywhere in Denmark (hospitals, birth clinics and at home births) and in the largest cities in Norway, where we have our own collectors/midwives attached.

How do I become customer?

When you/ your partner/your family during the pregnancy have decided that the newborn child’s stem cells from the umbilical cord should be collected and stored the first step to becoming customer is to order one of your collection kits.

It is very easy to order this online on our website but of course you can also call us on the telephone and place your order with one of your employees.

The collection kits

We have two offers for you regarding purchase of collection kit:

1) SavePlus
2) SavePlusCordTissue


When should we order it and what shall we do with it?

We recommend that you order your collection kit about 1-3 months before due date,- just to have everything ready before the birth starts. Of course you can also order the collection kit and become customer later in the pregnancy and we even try hard to handle “acute orders”, if eg. the parents-to-be decide during the birth that the child’s stem cells should be collected and stored.

Once we receive your order, we will prepare and send the collection kit to your home address. When you receive this personal collection kit, it must be stored in a normal room temperature.

We guide you to register the collection kit’s special numbers online and you will receive your personal access to “mitsavestemcells” – which is our secured customer database and your unique online access to various important forms and other personal data.

When you receive the collection kit, we kindly ask you to open the top lid. Inside the box you will find a welcome letter with a few instructions on the registration, forms and how and when you should contact us ahead of the birth.

You will bring the collection kit yourself to the birth place when the big day has come and you are giving birth.

If you are unable to order or receive your collection kit before the birth starts, we will do everything possible to be present at the birth place in a timely manner and see if we can bring a new collection kit for you.

However, it should be pointed out that we always recommend and strive for our customers to bring their personal collection kits themselves.

What is the different between the two products ‘SavePlus’ and ‘SavePlusCordTissue’?

The difference between the two collection kits/products must be found in the types and quantities of stem cells which are collected.

‘SavePlus’ is collection and storage of stem cell from the umbilical blood only.

‘SavePlusCordTissue’ is collection and storage of stem cells from both umbilical cord blood AND umbilical cord tissue.

The umbilical cord blood contains a lot of blood-forming stem cells – these are called hematopoietic stem cells and are clearly the most commonly used stem cells.

Hematopoietic stem cells are often used for treatments of diseases which relate to our blood and immune system and recent research shows that the stem cells can be useful in therapies for patients with cerebral palsy.

The stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue are called the mesenchymal stem cells and it is a relatively new source to collect/store stem cells from (in Denmark it became an option in the summer 2016). The mesenchymal stem cells are young cells that can form new cells for our various tissues: skin, bones, tendons, muscles, adipose tissue, etc. These cells are likely to become of great importance in the field of regenerative medicine.

Can I order online?

Yes! It is very easy to place your order on our website. When you click on the product you want to order, you can even choose an English version of your order form.

Where do I order?

Right here.

What do we need to do, when the birth starts?

When the birth starts (contractions or the water breaks) or of course ahead of important appointments (eg. induction of labor or c-section), you or your partner call our hotline to inform us about the news.

Our staff at our Hotline prefers and appreciates a call from you before you leave your home to go to your birth place.

We are available around the clock at our Hotline phone +45 88 44 80 00 and we are always happy to have news from you.

From the time you call us with information on your start of labor, we aim to have a midwife/collector in a stand-by position, ready to go to your birth place whenever it is time.

How does the collector service work and how often should we call and keep you updated?

You or your partner most call our Hotline when the births starts and/or just before you are leaving to go to the hospital/birth place. We often make an agreement, that a second phone call is made to our Hotline after you (expecting mother) have been examinated for the first time by the hospital midwife. Then we make an agreement with you/ your partner – sometimes along with your midwife, about when we should to come or when you should call us and invite us to come. It is quite normal that you will be in touch with us 2-3 times on the phone during labor.

We aim to be at the birth place just before the child is born.

What if something acute occurs during labor (eg c-section)?

If something acute happens either before or during labor, your partner just calls us and we will give instructions to be forwarded to the staff at the hospital about how we can collaborate and secure the stem cells even if we are not present at the moment the child is born. We aim to come to the birth place immediately!

Inside the collection kit you can find important information about “emergency situations” which can be shown to the hospital staff (midwife/doctor).

What happens to the stem cells/samples after the collection is done?

After the collection we prepare the collection kit with the collected stem cell for transport to the laboratory.

The stem cells are transported to the laboratory as quickly as possible. We aim that the stem cells we be at the laboratory with one day, but as long as the stem cells are stored in normal room temperature in the blood bag/ transport container they are doing fine for several days.

Where are the stem cells stored?

The stem cells are analyzed, processed and stored by Vita 34 Ag:

Vita 34 AG
Deutscher Platz 5A
04103 Leipzig

How is the payment process for the long time storage?

we have two options for our danish customers when the stem cells are approved for long term storage and the payment must be made:

1) You can pay the fu amount at once

2) You can apply for a loan through our collaborator ‘BasisBank’. If option no 2 is the one you prefer, we recommend that you during the pregnancy apply for the loan you need and become preapproved.

When the stem cells are collected and stored we will contact you so you can take out the loan.

The loan runs over 23 months and when the 23rd month has passed you have payed the full amount for long term storage and no additional costs, fees or monthly charges will come.

When will I receive the final test results and certificate?

You should expect all test results along with a certificate at your child’s stem cell depot about 3-4 months after birth. We send this to your e-mail.

The laboratory process spans some time, which is why these months go by before you receive the overall results. However when the stem cells are frozen, in principle it is because they are pre-approved and found suitable for long-term storage.

How can I get the samples out in case of we need them for therapy?

If the stem cells are to be used in a therapy one day, you must contact us. We will then put our medical team (from Vita 34) in contact with your doctor so that it can be arranged/cleared whether to make HLA testing and / or whereto and when the stem cells should be released and shipped.

Can I have the storage period extended and what does it cost?

When your chosen storage period expires (20, 25 or 50 yrs), the storages can always be extended.

We do not know the exact price in the future, but we give the guarentee that it will not be more expensive per year extended than what you paid when the contract was signed, divided by number of years (storage period)

Who owns the stem cells?

It is the child’s mother or guardian who is registered as the owner of the stem cells and when the child turns 18 the ownership passes to the child. This is dictated by the law of tissue.

The owner of the stem cells have the right to use them within the treatments that are approved.

What happens if Save Stem Cell Center goes bankrupt?

Cord blood banks (stem cell banks/tissue centers, etc.) are insured so that the stem cells will be well protected even in the event of bankruptcies.

If we go bankrupt, your samples are still stored safely at Vita 34 AG. After the prepaid period a new storage fee will be invoiced by Vita 34 if the child/customer wishes to extend the storages.

In case of insolvency at Vita 34?

Vita 34 has a real insolvency insurance for 50 years.

This unique security (provided by HDI Global SE) is an integral part of the services. In case of an insolvency, such insurance makes sure that the child’s stem cell preparations will be stored professionally until the 50th birthday.

What if I/we move to another country?

Many of our customers regularly move around the world due to their work or other factors.

We have always recommended that they do not move their storage along with them.

In case of the stem cells are to be used for therapy, can be transported to any place in the world where you may need them. It is clearly safest not to move them from their storage from time to time.