Vita 34 Collection Kit

Vita 34 Collection Kit

Before you give birth, you must have a Collection Kit for collecting your child’s stem cells.

The Collection Kit includes all the necessary equipment that our midwives need for the collection and transport of your child’s stem cells. Before ordering your Collection Kit you must decide whether you want to collect stem cells from umbilical cord blood alone, or stem cells from both cord blood and umbilical cord tissue.

The umbilical cord blood contains two types of stem cells; the hematopoietic stem cells which can develop into all kinds of blood cells, and the so-called mesenchymal stem cells which can develop into a wide range of specialized cell types such as cardiac cells, bone cells, nerve cells, blood vessel cells. The mesenchymal stem cells are found in particularly high concentration in the umbilical cord and therefore you can protect an even larger amount of stem cells by opting for storage of both cord blood and tissue.


Price: 900 DKK


The price includes delivery of the Collection Kit, collection of the stem cells and transport to the laboratory.