Store umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue with VitaPlusCordTissue

Optimize the number of stored stem cells

As parents we always want to give our children the very best start at life. More and more parents, not in the least abroad, are opting to store stem cells from the umbilical cord of their new-born child. When you select VitaPlusCordTissue we will collect stem cells from both umbilical cord blood and cord tissue, which will optimize the total number of stored stem cells. You can choose between storage with VitaPlusCordTissue20, VitaPlusCordTissue25 and VitaPlusCordTissue50. When the storage period expires, you will naturally be offered to prolong it.

Our service commitment

  • Advisory services

    • Detailed review of your medical history
    • Evaluation by in-house doctors

    The careful recording and analysis of the medical family history is required by the health authorities and has the purpose of protecting your child in case the umbilical cord blood is applied. Our doctors evaluate the mothers medical history and conclude from the medical point of view, whether the umbilical cord blood can applied later.

  • Collection and transport of umbilical cord blood and cord tissue

    • Collection of umbilical cord blood including midwifery assistance around the clock
    • Training of our own midwifery personnel
    • Transport in temperature-protected collection package by specialized courier

    In due time prior to the delivery, we will send you the specially developed, temperature-protected Vita 34 Collection Kit. This includes the required materials to collect the umbilical cord blood and tissue. The Vita 34 Collection Kit including temperature-stabilizing gel pads, isolating polystyrene box, and temperature chip optimally ensures the quality of the blood and tissue. Immediately after the umbilical cord has been cut, the blood from the umbilical cord and a piece of the cord itself is collected and transported by a specialized courier to our stem cell laboratory. Collection is possible 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Preparation and storage

    • Processing at Vita 34 laboratory
    • Computer-controlled cryo-preservation and unlimited storage in grid-independent stainless steel tanks
    • Insured by HDI Global SE

    At the laboratory, the umbilical cord blood is processed and prepared in line with international standards and the results is a first-class source material for possible application. The blood is frozen in at least six portions (one main bag, five reference samples). If the blood volume is too high for one bag, several bags are frozen at no extra charge. You will receive a certificate of successful storage. The blood is permanently stored in special freezing bags packed in a cassette and is effected in grid-independent cryo-tanks at approximately minus 180 degrees celsius . Your stem cell deposit is insured by HDI Global SE, which will provide the financial funds in case of insolvency in order to continue the professional and controlled storage of your child’s stem cell preparations until age 50. This form of insurance is unique!

    • Quality analysis according to internal and official requirements
    • Communication and explanation of findings

    The German Federal Institute of the Federal Ministry of Health licenses the storage and application of stem cells from umbilical cord blood only under strict conditions. The umbilical blood is tested carefully for compliance with the required quality parameters. The results make sure that the stem cell deposit can be applied in case of disease. The quality analysis take several weeks and comprise the following relevant steps:

    Umbilical cord blood:

    • Nucleated cell count
    • Blood typing
    • Sterility control
    • Infection markers (HIV 1 RNA, hepatitis C RNA, hepatitis B DNA)
    • HIV 1/2 antibodies (p24-antigen)
    • Hepatitis BS antigen, hepatitis BC-antibodies, hepatitis C antibodies
    • Other tests can be performed if indicated and with your permission

    Vita 34 will forward you the test results and will always be available for any questions you may have.

Protect your child's stem cells. Store them easily and safely at Vita 34