Special Conditions

Vita 34 special conditions and discounts

Do you already own a stem cell deposit from one of your children and want to store stem cells again? Or are you expecting twins and looking for a possibility to save costs for the double storage? Loyal customers of Vita 34, parents of multiples and parents of sick children are given attractive special conditions. We are here to help you!

Overview of special conditions and discounts

Loyalty bonus for the next child

You already know the potential of umbilical cord blood and tissue and have the stem cells of your first child stored safely with Vita 34. We reward your loyalty and the next storage by granting discounts.

For the second child DKK 1,300
For the third child DKK 2,600

Special conditions for twins and multiple births

We think every child is entitled to a stem cell deposit. That is why we accommodate you with considerable discounts in case of multiple births.

For the second child of twins 50 percent discount
From the third child onward No more fees

Vita 34 sibling initiative

Do you have a critically ill child in need of stem cell treatment? As siblings may help each other with stem cells from their umbilical cords, we launched the “Sibling Initiative” in 2002.

If a brother or sister is born to the family, we will store the umbilical cord blood of the newborn for five years at no extra charge.