Every child should have the possibility of a stem cell deposit. That is why we offer convenient financing models.”

Financing options for a Vita 34 stem cell deposit

Customers at Vita 34 have the option to pay an interest-free loan, which we have created in collaboration with Basis Bank.

You must fill in a short application for the loan online. When your application has been approved, you will receive a credit agreement that you sign with NemID. Basis Bank will take care of the practical aspects of the payment, and you will start the repayment of the loan when the stem cells have been received for storage. If you already have collected stem cells from one or several of your children, please contact customer service prior to submitting your application.

You are always welcome to contact us at +45 7025 7121 or info@vita34.dk if you have any questions – we can also guide you to fill out the application for the loan.

Representative example. At a total amount of credit at 40,000 DKK. with the payment split over 23 months, the monthly payment will be 1,946 kr. The borrowing rate is 0.0% for the entire loan term. APR is 12.1%, and the total cost of credit is 4758 kr. The total amount you must pay is 44,758 kr.


Product   Monthly Payment
VitaPlus20 DKK 22,000 DKK 1,085
VitaPlus25 DKK 25,000 DKK 1,229
VitaPlus50 DKK 30,000 DKK 1,468
VitaPlusNavlestreng20 DKK 32,000 DKK 1,563
VitaPlusNavlestreng25 DKK 38,000 DKK 1,850
VitaPlusNavlestreng50 DKK 48,000 DKK 2,329

Advantages with financing

  • Interest free
  • No hidden costs
  • Premature repayment is possible at any time - no penalty prepayment applies