Families tell

The Hedegaard Almstedt family,

“We made it just in time”

Susanne and Søren Hedegaard Almstedt from Viborg became parents in 2009. Their little son Mads was born with a planned C-section one cold, clear winter day in February. The birth was going as planned but two weeks before the due date something happened that gave them food for thought in the last days of the pregnancy.

The Roepstorff family,

“We consider it an insurance”

“We didn’t feel we could afford not to take this opportunity. We consider storing our children’s stem cells as a kind of insurance that can only go on getting better and better, because we expect future researchers to be able to treat even more diseases using umbilical cord stem cells than they can at present,” says Yvette Roepstorff.

The Vestbjerg Bavnshøj family,

“The third time is the first time”

In March 2013 Heidi and Troels Vestbjerg Bavnhøj had their third child at Holbæk Hospital – a delightful little girl who the parents were proud to show to anyone who came by to greet the family.