The Vita 34 employees

Vita 34 in the Nordic region

Vita 34 has a solid team of dedicated employees, whom you can meet here.

In addition to our permanent staff, we employ approximately 35 midwives, nurses and laboratory technicians, who work for us in the Nordic region.

Julie Illo Molin

Nordic DirectorE-mail:

“Our customers make an important choice about their future and it is our responsibility to honour this trust while fulfilling the highest requirements regarding the safety and quality of stem cells. Our success is due to Vita 34’s high level of commitment and professionalism coupled with a very good work climate.”

Karolina Förnvik

Medical Advisor, BSc MDE-mail:

“Stem cells from the umbilical cord are already used as a life saving treatment for several severe diseases and as a doctor I follow the ongoing research and development in this area with great enthusiasm”.

Katrine Harris

Nordic Marketing & Sales Manager, Cand. Merc.E-mail: katrine.harris@vita34.dkTelefon: +45 28 14 53 59

”Passionately committed to putting stems cells on the agenda – I want to make a difference – now and in the future.”

Sofia Forslund

MidwifeE-mail: sofia.forslund@vita34.seTelefon: +46 040-15 22 22

“I am dedicated to spreading information and knowledge about stem cells in Sweden and I think it is important to preserve them in terms of future opportunities, and not just for what we are capable of today”

Nanna Johansen

Nordic Customer Care ManagerE-mail:

“Working for Vita 34 really allows me to develop and broaden my horizon while at the same time working with a product that really makes a difference to all the people we are in contact with.”

Henriette Noppenaug

Accounting assistantE-mail:

”Working for Vita 34 is really special, partly because you work with colleagues from a diversity of specialties which makes your workday incredibly exciting.”

Mette Radmer

TeamLeader Nordic - Service & ProcurementE-mail:

“We have probably only seen the tip of the iceberg compared to the potential of stem cells from the umbilical cord – and as a midwife, I am proud to be part of the stem cell industry. I find it very essential that parents are informed about the possibility of storing stem cells at birth and on this basis can make a choice for their children’s future. “

Henriette Madsen


“It is an unique product that is irrevocably for our customers. It is something special to contribute both to convey such a unique and important service while helping to ensure the high quality when the stem cells are collected.”

Astrid Beck

QA AssistantE-mail:

”I am passionate about contributing to the work with stem cells which have enormous potential in regenerative therapies.”

Lea Blenker

QA Coordinator VitaE-mail:

”I am passionate about creating and maintaining quality in my work with stem cells. I believe that the future will bring new and better treatment opportunities by the use of stem cells from the umbilical cord – on top of that the stem cells are collected easily and completely painless.”