Cooperation partners

Over the past few years, Vita 34 has collaborated intensively with leading partners in Denmark. What all of them have in common despite their differences is that they are unique or leaders in their respective field. In addition, they have all been selected because each of their positions constitute an important part of the pregnancy time. The option of having an informed dialogue with just the specialist with whom you already have a good relationship should make it much easier for you to decide what to do with your child’s stem cells.

We are proud to present the following companies: is a private pregnancy- and ultrasound clinic that offers inseminations and diagnostic pregnancy ultrasounds including fantastic 3D/4D ultrasounds. They are located in Fredericia and Odense. The owner, Birgit Thalwitzer, and her staff offer midwife consults, individual antenatal classes and “known-midwife” at the birth among other things. All the personnel is specialised in the development of the baby in utero and after the birth. We are proud to collaborate with og enjoy being a part of the great engagement Birgit has as a midwife and an entrepreneur. Birgit is very enthusiastic when she presents stem cells to her customers and add her own experiences in this regard. Birgit and her husband Thomas also made the decision to store stem cells from the umbilical cord for their two children.


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Storkereden is the only maternity clinic, which offers a wide range of services in the field of reproductive health. In the summer of 2013, the owner, Louise Rüsz Zielinski, opened Denmark’s first free private maternity clinic, which is located in Slagelse. Through many years of passionate work, Louise has finally won the struggle for free choice of pregnant women. However, while still in its fragile stage, the concept started gaining broad acceptance amongst women that are about to give birth. We follow excited from the sideline and delight in the perseverance and commitment with which Louise does her job. Louise is also very dedicated in her efforts to be allowed to speak openly about stem cells – especially from her own experience about the time when she made the decision.





Mom-to-be / Fantastisk Fødsel

Mom-to-be offers classes for future parents using the concept Fantastisk Fødsel©, the birth preparedness concept. The owners, Mette Radmer & Camilla Gry Temmesen, offer workshops on Zealand marked by their common passion to contribute to a fantastic birth. They are two energetic – and as the name of their concept suggests – fantastic women, which take pride in what they do. They both usually have their rounds as midwives in the big hospitals on Zealand and are enthusiastic about offering future families the best birth experience and the best possible start as parents.

Camilla Gry Temmesen is also a very creative woman who has developed an iPhone app, “Fødselshjælperen” (The Birth Assistant). She has released ”Graviditetskalenderen’ (The Pregnancy Calendar) which managed to be the best selling app with Gyldendal 2012). Camilla’s creative & innovative ideas are impressive to follow.





Din Jordemoderpraksis

The objective of Din Jordemoderpraksis is to support pregnant clients and their families to ensure a pleasant pregnancy, delivery and maternity leave. The clinic is situated in Kolding.The owners, Annika Frøkjær Pedersen & Louise Schubert Paaske, offer professional treatment and consultations based on the most recent findings in the area. These are two young women with power whom we are very proud to have as partners. It will be exciting to follow their many ideas.





Gynækolog Christine Felding

Dr Christine Felding is a specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics (women’s diseases and midwifery) and has her own gynaecology clinic in Rungsted Bytorv in Rungsted Kyst. Besides working with patients, Christine also regularly gives lectures providing information and good advice to women. Christine is one of the most skilled and respected gynaecologists in Denmark, so naturally it is important to us to have Christine support the spreading of the stem cell awareness.